Thursday, August 31, 2017

Beauty Queens Conference

My friend Tanisha @ Empowering for Beauty Foundation created a conference for teen girls focused on the theme that beauty is more than how we look on the outside, it is who we are internally as well as internally and our value is determined by far more than our style, our makeup and our hair.  

She lined up a great panel of speakers who spoke to the girls on topics such as social media, self esteem, career goals, and interview skills.  She also had a panel of teens, including Grace, who spoke on topics such as clothes shaming, photography and social media, poise and confidence, and more.  

Grace worked during the weeks leading up to this event on the photography that was used in social media advertising and the photography used in a promotional video.  Again, she was able to combine her talent with ministry work.  

It was able her first public speaking engagement.  She was nervous and a bit underprepared since the conference was the day after she returned from Royal Family Camp.  She may not be aware but she is a wonderful public speaker.  Her tone of voice, her delivery, her confidence, her contagious smile, all are on display.  She did not speak long, just a few minutes, but what she said mattered and I was very, very proud of her.

*A cool moment that I don’t want to forget occurred after her talk when someone in the audience, a teen that lives in our town mentioned she too was on a trip to West Virginia this summer.  Grace asked her if she was part of the VBS team, and she was!  They were in the same Chic Fil A!  They traded numbers and I wonder if they will stay in touch....

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