Thursday, August 31, 2017

CT Art Trail #6: Yale Art Gallery

We have been to this museum many times but coming off our travels I chose to keep it simple and stick close to home.  Yale currently has two photography exhibitions that I thought would be inspirational: one on war and a social commentary on the development of New Haven.  Both were interesting for very different reasons.  

The girls brought their friend Erica along for this visit and it was fun to have her with us as she is also a photographer and did not mind how long I took exploring the pictures and photo books.

I do love this museum and every time I visit I am grateful that it is so close.  The only thing I dislike is that they have so many staff on each floor and they communicate via headsets so where ever you go, they go, and honestly, it gets annoying and a bit creepy.  I feel restricted and wish I could just look at the artwork and be alone with my thoughts.

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