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Newtown Arts Festival

It's festival season in Connecticut.  We wandered our way up Rt. 25 and spent the afternoon in Newtown. I ran into a friend I met through Partner in Lyme and we caught up.  The art was really good.  The music was decent and the food....well there weren't loads of options for me so I went with the pork and rice bowl and I loved every bite.  

This was extra special because I could taste it.  For the past 9 months my taste and smell have been severely compromised.  The past two months have been the worst. My Lyme treatment caused a herx, which in turn, has made my taste go from bland and minimal to bland and horrible. Every bite can be a chore. Every swallow must sometimes be forced.  Having a meal that I truly loved and having hope that my treatment is working is a gift. 



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Art Journaling: Quotes

If you saw our group’s art journal pages on display, I wonder if you would be able to guess how old the artists are. Artist's age: 8 Artist's age: 12 Artist's age: 9 Artist's age: 10 Artist's age: 12 Artist age: 10 Their work is mature beyond their years.   I wonder why this is...Is it talent?  It is interest?  Is it passion?   I don’t know.  What I do know is that magic happens when they are together...   ...and that I love every single minute of it.  

The Journey

When my child was having ear problems that the family physician could not regulate, I took her to a specialist. When the specialist could not determine the cause of her ear pain, I was perplexed. What do you do when the specialist can’t solve the problem? You keep trying. By chance when L was at her sister’s orthodontist appointment, I asked for a consultation. Upon inserting his pinky fingers into L’s ears and feeling the bones in her jaw move as she opened and closed her mouth, he asked me if she ever experienced ear pain. She was experiencing pain daily. He said he understood why and set about to correct the alignment of her jaw that was causing pressure on her eustachian tubes. Within a week she felt relief. It should not be a surprise to many that since L has been experiencing prolonged emotional difficulty in school, I have tried to solve the problem. I have spoken to teachers, set up play dates, prompted her to make conversations and at times acted as her mouthpiece.

Spring is like a box of crayons....

...come alive! This is my favorite quote of the week by 9 year old Gwen.  This was a writing group week.  It was simply wonderful to have a new addition to our group.  I hope he enjoyed himself and comes back again!  We worked on a page that came from Karen’s Pinterest Page .  I thought the Kandinsky-inspired tree would make a good writing prompt.