Our Curriculum 2016-2017

Choosing a curriculum tailored to your child's needs and interests in one of the reasons I love homeschooling.  There is no other form of education that can offer an education based on the uniqueness of the individual.  I am continually amazed at the selection of products available to homeschool families. I am eternally grateful for the friends I have met in this "blogland" who have given their opinions, insight, advice and critique of many of the programs I have purchased.  

Here's to a wonderful year of learning!

Grace - 11th Grade: 
Math - complete Math U See Geometry (fall 2016)
Science - Biology 101 dvd series (fall 2016)
                 Chemistry 101 series (winter 2017)
                 Genetics lab through coop (spring 2017)
History - Notgrass Exploring America 1 (fall 2016) 
                Exploring America 2 (spring 2017) 
Including American Voices. Through coop.  Field trips include but are not limited to: Plimouth Plantation, Boston Freedom Trail, Sturbridge Village (all fall 2016)
Language Arts - The Hero's Journey (booklist includes The Tale of Despereaux, The Odyssey, Beowulf, Gulliver's Travels, Watership Down plus 4 books of her own selection) and final project
Philosophy 101 with language arts (Fahrenheit 451, Sophie's World, The Little Prince) - spring 2017
Piano - year 7
Keyboardist with youth group worship band
Ukelele for coop worship band
Music Theory 1
American Sign Language - year 4
Horse Back Riding - year 3
Trampoline Lessons - year 1
Photography 102: Beyond the Basics with professional photography teacher.  Multiple workshops at local camera shop. Participation in local camera club. 
* Notable event - winner of People's Choice Award Milford Arts Commission 
Art: drawing/painting fall 2016 - through coop, Modern Calligraphy, winter 2017
Guitar 1 - through coop fall 2016, spring 2017
Driver's Education - 40 hours driving, 6 hour drug and alcohol class, 2 hour parent education class (.5 credit)

Lilah - 9th Grade
Math - Math U See pre-algebra
Language Arts
pre-credit (1.0) for One Year Adventure Novel 
Creative Writing Workshop taught by Gail Carson Levine (.5).  Fall 2016 -The Hero's Journey at coop with the same assigned booklist as Grace above.
Philosophy 101 with Language Arts (see above)
Science - Biology 101(fall 2016)
                 Chemistry 101 (winter 2017)
                Genetics lab through coop (spring 2017)
History - (.5) credit for Civil Rights Study 2015.  
She is also participating in history at coop - see history above.
French 1 - fall 2016, spring 2017
Horseback Riding - year 3
Cello year 2
Cellist in coop worship band
Photography 102 Beyond the Basics
Classroom Assistant (90 min a week) 4th grade student ministries at Black Rock Church.

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